Is this you?

  • You have tension or tightness and wonder how to get beyond it and play with more freedom and ease.
  • You wish to explore more challenging repertoire and want to learn or revisit the techniques that make it possible.
  • Your technique is solid and you're capable of playing through technically challenging music, but you feel something is missing from your playing.
  • You want to perform with joy and freedom, but wonder how to go beyond fear and stage fright and connect in a meaningful way with your audience.
  • You have questions about your ability or career and would like to build your confidence as an artist or teacher.

This approach works for:

  • Beginning pianists
  • Pianists who used to play and wish to reconnect to music
  • Advanced pianists and performers
  • Recreational pianists who enjoy making music at the piano
  • Pianists who are having pain or discomfort when practicing

This approach works if you have the following values

  • You love music
  • You are patient with yourself
  • You enjoy learning
  • You want freedom and ease in all you do

If this sounds like you, and you would like to learn more, I invite you to a free 45-minute in-person consultation.

If you are wondering if my approach can really help you.
Find out what you need to play with more ease and freedom.