Piano Lessons

I teach piano lessons in my studio in Brooklyn Heights. I also teach lessons via Skype and FaceTime. I teach traditional piano lessons with a mindfulness-based approach to a natural and comfortable use of the body, awakened listening, and confident, easeful performing.

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Natural and Comfortable. Being aware of your environment and feeling comfortable at your instrument is necessary to building the habit of confidence. Extend this awareness to the way you use your fingers, hands, arms, and shoulders, and you will free yourself of unwanted tension and develop a technique that allows you to play freely, powerfully and with natural expressiveness.

Awakened listening. Learning about the barriers to focused listening can free your innate expressive ability. Often the inability to clearly hear the complex harmonies in the music can lead to unwanted tension in the body as you try to force the sounds and feelings out of your instrument. Being able to awaken your listening can help you connect to the meaning of the music allowing you to express yourself with greater ease and spontaneity.

Confident performing. The effects of stage fright can range from mild nervousness to the feeling of being completely out of control. These distractions rob us of the presence and focus we need to share the music we love. Learning about the mental, physical, and environmental issues that contribute to stage fright can help free you from those distractions giving you a sense of fearlessness and confidence as you play and perform.


If you are a beginner, the following progression will give you an idea of what you can expect from piano lessons with me. Experienced and advanced students may choose to work with current repertoire to improve performance, or to follow a step by step approach to build a solid understanding and application of these principles.

At the first lesson we will work with being comfortable at the piano, exploring natural body movements and posture. Typically this includes adjusting the bench height for your body, sitting on the bench, natural hand position, and efficient use of the fingers.

Lessons then progress to include using arm weight to support the fingers, supple wrist movements, listening techniques, relaxation strategies, and rhythmic groupings for natural and musical phrasing.

Further study includes deepening work with listening techniques, mental relaxation approaches and learning the Performing Beyond Fear exercise to develop confidence and musical expressiveness in performance.

If you're considering piano lessons and would like to know more, I invite you to a free 45-minute in-person consultation.