Do you want to be free from tension and self-doubt, and play the piano with ease, confidence and natural musical expression?

Whether you are a professional or amateur, no matter how much you practice, you might feel your piano playing doesn't match your expectations. Maybe you feel tense during practice and frustrated about how to deal with it. Perhaps you have doubts about your ability or career, or wish to perform with more confidence and wonder how to deal with stage fright.

You may have tried practicing longer, playing scales and exercises, or adjusting fingerings and hand positions. Maybe you have read books or have taken medications to ease the mind and feel more comfortable during performance. Yet despite your committed efforts, you feel your playing doesn’t quite match the standards you strive for.

If you are committed to developing your unique musical gifts, you are in the right place. It is possible to play piano with more ease and freedom, and perform with greater confidence and musical expression.

For more than 12 years I have been helping pianists achieve their music goals. As a teacher of The Art of Practicing, I help pianists develop their unique ability to play piano with more freedom, confidence, and communicative power.

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May all of your efforts be filled with joy.

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